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French Hip-hop! Huzzah!

I know at least one person here likes French hip-hop, and she hooked me up with Bams Vivre ou mourir, which is pretty good.

My French Hip-hop selection is small but I like:
IAM (Who isn't?)
Double H
Alliance Ethnik
DJ Pone (I will forever remain wowed at this guys 1997 DMC World Championships performance)

Anyone got some favorites to add?
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Least its not a Swift Kick to the Junk.

::Swift Kick in the Knee::

There now that we have that over with, WFT? where the hell did everyone go?

I just wanted to encourage anyone who does not own the following albums from this year (By people you should know) to consider it:

Grinderman - Grinderman
Amon Tobin - Foley Room
Sean Price - Jesus Price Supastar
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I know they have been around for a while but the B.A. Baracus Band its pretty damn entertaining. This cover of Africa is only perfect because of the kazoo.
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vancouver, bc, canada
top ten favourite bands & why
my first impulse is to say, in what genre?
Puffy AmiYumi
Kahimi Kari
Rufus Wainwright
The Fitness
Das Pop
Antony & The Johnsons
The Beatles
five bands you've been listening to the most within the past week
dj shadow
the herbaliser
takako minekawa
favourite sounds/types of music
shibuya-kei, hip hop, dj produced music, instrumental hip hop, ambient, french pop, jpop, belgium pop, electronic, synth pop, synth rock, indie pop, drum n bass, lounge, trip hop, bossa nova
types sounds of music you'd like to know more about
drum n bass, indie hop hop, anything to do with genre bending, anything to do with genre meshing, avante garde french pop, synth based anything

My blog is puresly for writing about music. Thoughts on artists, songs, genres, etc. I plan to post one song upload with each entry if you are intersted.

knock knock

where is everybody!?
anyway, has anyone else heard the collaboration between MF Doom and Danger Mouse (it's been leaked for a while on the internet, but still). for those who have, what do you guys think of the adult swim skits? they were annoying me after a while but you can't deny that overall the beats are solid.
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Looking For Non Commital Music Community

name Jem
age 26
location Australia
five bands you've been listening to the most within the past week Last Days Of April, Baggsmen, The Firebirds, DJ Kentaro, Ricaine
favourite sounds/types of music This community appealed to me (just caught it mentioned through the comments of a friend's LJ) due to the nature of the name, I'm this low genrefication fool myself. I'm an awfully bad music junkie; spent years continually building up my collection (my LJ unfortunately serves as a semi-shopping blog, for instance), and decisively don't limit myself to particular genres. What I'm well versed at? Hip hop of all sorts is my forte. I love my funk. Love my soul. Love my jazz. Love my metal. And a lot of things inbetween.

Hope to contribute well to this community (although, see subject headline above). Examples of the kind of stuff I buy (and the entries that accompany them) are:

This isn't intended to sound like an advertisement for my own journal. Just want you to know where I'm coming from without being too lengthy and overbearing :)

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Ok, so to date, my biggest adventures in exploring electronic music have touched on artists such as postal service, figurine, dntl, fantastic plastic machine, pizzicato 5, and small amounts of air, basement jaxx, and fatboy slim.

I have recently started dating a guy who is heavy into drum and bass. I want to start getting into it too, but am at a loss as for where to start, who to check out, who even makes it.

My musical tastes generally lie in the electic, and away from the mainstream. Please, point me in the direction of interesting/good/unique/awesome/non mainstream/worth listening to Drum and Bass.

Thank you kindly.